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We and donation projects

In addition to sustainability, we place great value on social engagement in our company - because social interaction also setsthe goal of nature, achieving peaceful stability through greater closeness and mutual understanding. With the means ofeducation we want to reinforce exactly this stability and togetherness. We therefore combine the term technology not only withthe term sustainability , but also with that of education. We have already supported the following projects in the past andcontinue to aim to do good. Not only for the environment, but also for us humans:

Donation project to an international creative oce in Ludwigsburg

At the end of 2020, it was our idea to donate some of ourkits to open workshops in Germany. Our pursued goal is togive private individuals access to means of productionand modern industrial production processes for individualitems. It was particularly important to us to give otherpeople the joy of Christmas and to discover how to buildclocks yourself.

We were able to make a helpful contribution to thefollowing institutions:

- Makerspace Rhein-Neckar UG (limited liability),Ludwigshafen am Rhein

- Makerspace Bonn

- Caritaswerkstätten Hochrhein non-profit GmbH,Waldshut-Tiengen

- Verschwoerhaus eV, Ulm

Donation project to an international creative oce in Ludwigsburg

The mobile and stationary creative workshop “ Tinkertank” also gave us the idea in 2020 to donate some of our kits.What convinced us? Playful collaboration in the context oftechnology, culture, science and digitization for young andold. In our own workshops, the opportunity is created tomodify other things in addition to our kits and totransform them creatively with new ideas - according tothe motto "upcycling". At the same time, through thisproject we were able to contribute a part in our society,according to the conviction and experience of Tinkertank:through creative and self-organized processes of findingsolutions.

- Tinkertank, Ludwigsburg

The "Assin Akonfudi" development project in Ghana

A school expansion in Assin Akonfudi, which began yearsago on the initiative of the government, could not berenovated for a long period of time due to financialbottlenecks. The school is still in poor condition to thisday. School desks are most urgently needed as manychildren have to bring their chairs from home, but notevery family can afford a chair. In order to give thechildren a place to learn and attend school at all, theproject launched by Christa Amelung has been collectingdonations for equipping and maintaining the school inGhana since summer 2019 , following the endeavor:"Education needs space, children need learning places" .Since then, many committed helpers have donated someof the 300 school desks required. We also responded tothis call and donated 5 school desks to the students

The benches and tables are built by the carpenter in the village from locally available wood, which not only promotes wage labor in the village but also keeps transport costs low. With this donation we aim to contribute to a better future - fight poverty and give children access to education.

Who is behind it?
The community citizens' committee for development cooperation in Steinhagen, together with the community committee Gemeentelke Ontwikkelingssammenwerking Woerden, supports other development projects in addition to this project, especially in Africa. The initiative and voluntary work of the members guarantee the full commitment of every donation in the projects.

Do you want to donate?
It's very simple: Visit the Steinhagen Citizens' Committee website and choose one of the many funding projects. You can find information on the individual projects here


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