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Us and sustainability

It's no secret that climate change is showing people how the environment has had to bend to increasingly harmful dimensionssince the beginning of industrialization. We are often asked why we attach so much importance to sustainability in ourcompany. Well, this question can be answered quickly and easily: When it comes to sustainability , we are more than just aboutprotecting the environment. It is important to us to preserve the earth for our future generation and to limit the waste ofrenewable resources in all areas as much as possible. The protection of nature is a central part of this.

We keep this goal in mind every day, which means thatsustainability is reflected in a wide variety of areas for us.In the environmentally friendly production of ourproducts, we only use sustainable raw materials and payattention to the most unprocessed material possible. Inaddition to avoiding plastic - wherever possible - we alsofocus on sustainable aspects when it comes to shipping.We focus on recyclable shipping material and recyclablepackaging. In concrete terms, this means: We reusepackaging as far as possible in order to conserveresources. In doing so, we are pursuing an ecologicallysustainable development which ensures that the limitedresources of our planet are not used up too quickly and inexcess.

We are aware that we do not have aAre "global players" . However, we know that by taking sustainability aspects into account in our company, we are contributing to a better future. With our endeavors we would like to make a certain contribution to providing everyone with access to affordable and sustainable energy, to counteracting climate change, to support species protection and to combat poverty and hunger in the world in a meaningful way.


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